Johnson & Johnson donates 50,000 RMB to You Dao

Beiyaowan Nursery

On January 18th, I attended the Johnson & Johnson Medical Depuy Annual
Dinner where Johnson & Johnson was kind enough to donate 50,000 RMB to
the Youdao Foundation.  The money will be used to renovate the
Beiyaowan Community Center in Baoshan, Shanghai.

The presentation started with a short video about the current
Beiyaowan Community Center created by Johnson & Johnson volunteers who
visited in early January.  It showed volunteers and members of the
Johnson & Johnson staff playing basketball and reading books with the
migrant children.  The video highlighted the positive atmosphere of
the community center, as well as illustrated the areas in need of
physical improvement.

After the video, I spoke to the members of Johnson & Johnson about the
meaning of Youdao and what their donation and support means to our
organization and the children.  I told them the slogan of Youdao,
与民工同行 can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and that donating money
and time are both equally important.

Warren Wang, the General Manager of Depuy China, presented me with a
large donation check on stage, and then spoke about how Johnson &
Johnson employees can help to improve their community.  Mr. Wang
encouraged his employees to go visit the community center in Beiyaowan
and see if they could come up with more creative solutions on how to
improve the center, such as using Johnson & Johnson Medical supplies
to improve the health and sanitation of the center.

With Johnson & Johnsons’ continued generosity and support, we look
forward to the general improvement of the center and most importantly,
the lives of the migrant children.
Written by Stephen Schoenberger