Mr Willis visits Fengxian

They currently support around 30 children, all from families who can not afford to send them to school.
In April we had a fundraising dinner at Mr Willis, most of the food & drink was sponsored by our generous suppliers,
 we raised around 35000 rmb, enough to send seven children to school for one year.
I am planing another dinner soon, I hope we are able to support these kids for a long time, to give them a better chance in life and support more children if possible.
Yaodao is also preparing a community centre to support the families further.
x Craig
On Monday 25th October 2010, Craig Willis of Mr. Willis Restaurant visited Feng Xian with the Chairman of You Dao, Warren Kinne and the Executive Director of You Dao, Puisana Chau. Craig brought along some of his staff with him.
The purpose of the visit was to meet some of the children and parents of those who benefited from the fund-raising dinner at the Mr. Willis Restaurant last April. Six children received scholarships to attend school as a result of the proceeds of this dinner. Thank you Mr. Willis!