September 2015

Summer English Activity at You Dao Qing Pu Center

Once a week during July and August, teachers and student volunteers from the British English Consulting Company, organized special English classes for the migrant children located at the You Dao Qing Pu Children’s Center.

Every Wednesday, the BE’s activity coordinator sent a teaching plan for the week to the coordinator for You Dao. They then thoroughly discussed the plan to make sure it was best for the children.
The activities have been held on Saturday or Sunday mornings. BE’s volunteers tried their best to design themes and activities that were suitable for the children and related to their daily life, with such topics as as weather, transportation, food, and occupation.
Since late July, many children have returned to their hometown to either visit family or get ready to go back to school, so therefore fewer migrant children were able to attend the classes Only eight children attended class several times, but the six teacher volunteers who traveled from far away to get to Qingpu never did mind. The teachers worked with their usual high level of enthusiasm, they were happy just as long as they could be with the kids and taught them something useful.
Every class included a painting, color filling, and games. During each lesson the teachers taught the children some new words and then helped the children memorize the words by using the words in interesting games and while creating artwork. During the break, the volunteer teachers took the children to play outside. Some of them played basketball, some skipped rope, and some played badminton. Everyone had a great time.
Once, Frances, the volunteer leader brought the children a birthday cake to celebrate for those kids had their birthday in July. All participants sent their best wishes to the birthday kids and enjoyed the beautiful and tasty cake together. The children were all very surprised and happy.
Mr. Mike, the general manager of Ingredion Company came several times to support the classes as a volunteer; he helped with cleaning up the classrooms and playing with the kids. We thank him greatly for his kindness and thoughtful support.
We would like to specially thank the teachers and students volunteers coming from the British English Consulting Company. We hope that these student volunteers gained a lot of skills and enjoyment from the activities.