July 2015

You Dao Qingpu Center Summer Camp

 A two-week summer camp for migrant worker’s children held at the Youdao Qingpu Center came to a successful conclusion on July 17th.<




忧道基金会董事长Compton 先生也到场参加,活动圆满结束,志愿者们表示以后还要来陪孩子们一起玩,并且更多地参与和支持忧道的活动!

Making dumplings to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

On the morning of June 27th 2015, despite a massive rainstorm, five volunteers from LIXIL traveled to the You Dao Foundation Qingpu Center to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with migrant children and their parents.
The five volunteers sat at the same table with parents and 23 children to get to know each other better. In the beginning, Youdao Foundation teachers taught the children to know the history and culture of Dragon Boat Festival with an interesting quiz. Kids were excited about the game and answered the questions with passion. The ice-breaking part of the activity went well.
The teachers and volunteers then showed the children how to make dumpling. With the help of the patient volunteers, the children learned to quickly make dumplings and even hosted a little dumpling making competition. One hour later, everyone was able to make beautiful dumplings.
After making the dumpling, all of the children and volunteers shared dumplings together, tea, and fruit. Afterwards they played an idiom game. Finally, the children at the Qingpu Center danced “Bunny” and “A thankful heart” dance to show their appreciation for the volunteers and the wonderful time they had.
The chairman of Youdao Foundation Mr. Compton also attended the event. In the end the volunteers said that they would support Youdao Foundation more after the event, and they are willing to spend more time with the migrant children in the future.
Special thanks to the big support and love sponsor of LIXIL.