May 2015

Ingredion Scholarship Family Activity Day at the Dragon Club

On April 26th, with the help of Ingredion, 12 You Dao scholarship students and their families joined in a family activity with the company’s volunteers at the Dragon Club.
The volunteers, teachers, and parents worked together to create event. The children engaged in the activities together with their parents or grandparents or with a volunteer who acted in place of their parents.
The activity day was divided into three events: Little Einstein artists, I am a small artist, and Little Einstiens on the big stage.
The Little Einstein artists activity challenged the children to think creatively, tested their focus, and made them think. One of the teachers said, “Boys and girls, let’s listen and figure out what is making a sound in this box?” The teacher then placed one marble in the box. All of the children paid close attention to the teacher. The teacher then placed two more marbles in the box. Once the children were all focused on the activity the teacher finally revealed that the marbles were actually painting instruments and were creating artwork by rolling around in the box.
The children put on gloves and carefully placed the marbles in paint. They then placed the paint-covered marbles on the white paper in the box and moved it up and down. The children let out cheers of joy and marveled at the abstract artwork they were creating. One boy held up his masterpiece with a confident smile.
The older children were asked to take a surprised picture of themselves in shark’s mouth. They took their scared pictures and wondered how to place it in a shark’s mouth? It seemed like a very challenging task. Some of the children who did not carefully listen to the teacher’s instructions were very confused. Some of the children took too much time to cut out the shark’s teeth. In the end, with the help of the volunteers, the children were able to complete the task and all of them learned a valuable lesson about listening to the instructions.
During the second activity, the children shared with the activity partner all their creative ideas and masterpieces and developed a closer bond.
The final activity, Little Einstein on the big stage, encouraged the children and parents to show off their creative spirit and had the children and parents singing and dancing together on stage. They all completed several games and everyone was laughing and having a good time. As part of a special program of the Dragon Club, the teachers provided a small lesson to help improve parent-child communication. The parents all felt that 30 minutes was not enough time to learn all of the valuable lessons and continued to ask the teacher questions. The event went by very quickly, but was a great success for all of those involved.
We would like to thank Ingredion and all of their volunteers for supporting this great event. We would also like to thank the Dragon Club for their continued support. The event brought a lot of joy to the children and their families.


小爱因斯坦艺术创想世界激发的是孩子们的无限创造能力,同时也考验了孩子们的专注能力和思考能力。“ 小朋友们,我们一起听听盒子里是什么声音呀?”幼儿组老师将一颗弹珠放入盒子摇晃了起来,一下子就把孩子们的注意力给吸引了过去。然后老师又放入了2颗弹珠,让孩子们仔细倾听,进一步培养孩子们的专注力。等孩子们都习惯这种专注的状态时,老师才将活动的核心部分引了出来,原来这些弹珠是画画的工具呀!小朋友们戴上手套,小心翼翼地将弹珠放入颜料里,然后放在铺着白纸的纸盒里上下左右摇晃,一会儿一幅幅抽象派杰作就完成了,“好美啊!”孩子们都情不自禁地欢呼起来,看着自己的杰作,一个个露出洋洋自得的笑容。
稍大的儿童组孩子们被要求完成一张躲在鲨鱼血盆大口里的惊恐自拍照。拿着自己惊恐表情的照片,该怎么插入鲨鱼的血盆大口呢?这看似还真是件富有挑战的任务。 有些小朋友未听清老师讲解就动手了,不一会儿就迷失了方向。有些小朋友给鲨鱼安了太多牙齿,结果费了很多功夫剪牙齿,跟不上老师的讲解节奏了。 好在在志愿者的帮助下,孩子们都完成了自己的作品,活动中的小小挫败,也确实让孩子们明白专注、观察细节、及时提问对于完成一个完美作品的重要性,着实给孩子们上了生动一课。

Ikids provides volunteers English language teacher training

On the sunny morning of April 26, 2015, eight volunteers traveled to the IKids center in Putuo district for their first training session on how to teach English to migrant children. During the training, teacher Dong taught the volunteers how to teach the children English and open them up to the opportunities presented by learning a new language.
As a teacher who has spent many years teaching children, Miss Dong not only showed the volunteers how to teach classes with an interesting English Video, but also demonstrated how to stimulate the interest of kids toward learning English and how to be let them be more sensitive to English information. The volunteers were impressed by this inspirational educational philosophy and reactive teaching style.
When volunteers tried teaching the class they found it was not as easy as the video made it seem. An inspiring class is based on a teacher’s strong preparation and confidence in the subject. The volunteers are still learning but are passionate to be in class and hope they can give the children a new English language learning experience.


Qingpu Aidier Kindergarten English Teaching

The afternoon of March 14 was cold and rainy, but there was a very warm atmosphere flying around the big classroom at the Aider migrant kindergarten, which is located in Qingpu Baihe Town. More than 35 migrant children and most of their mothers and grandmothers and also a few dads, gathered there, waiting for a foreign English teaching volunteers association's arrival. Some of them came to the kindergarten at 2pm, even though some of the parents are very busy they still take the time to send their children to school, and then go home to take care of other children or continue to work. In order to support this first English teaching activity, the school principals and teachers volunteered to work overtime to take care of the children and parents.
At 3:15pm, Shanghai’s Italy women's community volunteer adults and children people came to the kindergarten to run the activity. Although it was raining and they were not familiar with the route, they still tried to arrive on time. They brought with them their personally designed English lessons, teaching materials, and handmade exquisite Italian cake. Once they entered into the classroom, the kids, their parents and teachers welcomed them with applause.
The volunteers them in English and the kids were cheered up by the volunteers’ enthusiasm. The volunteers taught the group numbers, songs in English, they also played a color filling game with the kids to strengthen their knowledge of English numbers. Not only did the children and their parents learn something new, but even the teachers were all attracted by the fresh and amusing way of learning and actively participated. One of the teachers was very excited and interacted with the volunteers happily.
All the participants were enjoying the fabulous handmade Italian cake.
The leading volunteer Ms. Simona’s little daughter was so cute and spoke good Chinese. Many of the kindergarten’s teachers played with her and found a lovely year of Goat toy for her to play with. The considerate volunteers’ also prepared little bags of stationary gifts for the migrant children. They looked forward to come back again in April. All participants had great fun during the Saturday afternoon activities.


特别感谢此次活动的组织者Simona Obalero 女士。

Weekend Activities in Qingpu Children’s Centre

On the morning of March 7, 2015, the weather was cloudy, but the children from Youdao Qingpu Children’s Center felt particularly warm in their hearts. Today the teachers and students from Changnin International School not only gave them a vivid lesson but also became their good friends.
The course topic was "how to cross the road.” The children immediately said the topic was too simple and that their teacher had already taught them red means stop, green means go, and yellow means pause. But when the volunteers asked the children to express these ideas in English the classroom fell silent and the children looked to their teachers for guidance.
Volunteers took out prepared papers with English pictures and words and distributed them to every child. They told them to cut the words out one by one, and to see if they understood the meanings. The children carefully cut all of their words and pictures out and when they were done the volunteers let kids paint the color of the traffic lights to prepare for the next game - cross the road.
Volunteers drew zebra crossings and lanes and put the children’s’ pictures as the traffic lights. Children then decided to go or stop according to the color of the pictures raised by the volunteers. During the games, some of the children’s’ mothers were attracted by their children’s enthusiasm and joined in the activity.
After the course, the children's passion continued to grow. They held the volunteers’ hands to do activities together. Some played football, some played with sandbags, and some played chess. The classroom and the yard were filled with volunteers and children's laughter.
The activities always go by so quickly. The children did not want to see the volunteers leave. Today the children not only had fun, but also learned valuable safety lessons.