December 2014

You Dao Children’s Center Christmas Party

Early in the morning, volunteers brought gifts, food, cakes, and holiday cheer to the You Dao Baoshan and Qingpu activity centers, to celebrate Christmas with the local migrant children.
The two centers were filled with holiday joy and fun. The teachers helped the children put ornaments on a Christmas tree and helped decorate the classroom in a festive spirit. The children at Beiyaoan painted the blackboard with a creative holiday scene.
At the Qingpu center, over 45 migrant children celebrated the day with 18 volunteers. The children sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas” in Chinese and the volunteers returned the favor singing the same song in English. The teacher then talked about the history and importance of the holiday; quizzing the children on their knowledge of the holiday. Everyone then gathered together and designed and made Christmas cards for their families. The activities then moved outside where the children and volunteers teamed up for a variety of games, culminating in a tug of war contest. Finally, the children got to meet Santa Clause who passed out gifts and sweets. Many of the children brought the desserts home to share with their families.
At the Baoshan center, 26 volunteers helped lead activities for over 60 joyous children. The children were able to display their creativity and artistic talents in decorating the blackboard in a festive theme. The volunteers also played different games with the children celebrating Christmas and several children’s’ birthdays. The volunteers also explained the importance of Christmas and the holiday spirit. Finally, Santa Claus arrived with his bag of gifts and started to hand them out to the happy children.
The two events were filled with joy and laughter. The children really enjoyed sharing in the holiday joy with the warm and caring volunteers.



Migrant children from Youdao cooperative kindergarten joined in Christmas Party hosted by Yew Haw international School

On December 19th, at 6:45 in the morning, 19 children from Bo Ke kindergarten and 2 teachers gathered together and left for Yew Wah International School (YE) for a Christmas event specially organized for migrant children. Bo Ke kindergarten is located in the rural area of Qingpu district. These children have never had the chance to visit downtown Shanghai and their living conditions are even more difficult than most other Youdao supported children.
The children were driven to the school by a nice coach; they were cheerful and filled with curiosity. At 8am the students of YE waited for their little guests on the two sides of the school’s main entrance. When the bus arrived, they welcomed the kids and brought them to school’ cafeteria. The kids were divided into small group of two to three, and were taken by the students coming from different classes. They first visited the classroom and played some games with students. Then the kids learned how to cut paper snow-flakes with other children from other migrant schools. The teacher of Bo Ke told us these children have never learned paper cutting before. The groups then made ginger man biscuits. Every kid was given a snowman shaped biscuit. They used an icing tube to draw whatever they imagined on it. The students packed the biscuit into a small Christmas bag after they finished and let them bring it back to share with their family.
Lunch was a highlight for the students. The students brought each of them a big plate of food, including fried chicken, french fries, and fresh salad. They all enjoyed themselves and ate a lot. The students looked after them thoughtfully. After lunch, the students played with the kids on the playground for a while. Then they took them to classroom again to make Christmas cards for their family. The students gave each kid a special selected Christmas gift.
When the event ended, the students sent Christmas wishes to the kids and waved goodbye to them as they got onto the coaches. The migrant children fulfilled a wonderful Christmas happy day and returned home safely. The Youdao staff received positive feedback from the Bo Ke kindergarten the next day that parents were very happy and thankful for their children’s trip and joyful experience.
We thank Yaw Wah Education and their students for organizing and sponsoring this great event. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


孩子们乘着大巴开开心心的,带着一双双新奇的眼睛来到学校。八点钟, 耀华学校的高中生们已经分列在校门两边等候,他们把孩子们迎到学校餐厅,将孩子分成两三个人一组,由不同班级的学生将他们带到自己的班级,参观教室,做游戏。然后再和其他学校的孩子们一起剪纸,剪雪花。幼儿园老师说孩子们在学校都没有机会学剪纸和画画,可是他们在学生志愿者的指导下,不一会就学会了,完成了一个个精美的剪纸作品。之后,是做圣诞姜饼,每个孩子得到一块雪人形状的姜饼,在上面用糖霜涂鸦,做好后,学生哥哥姐姐们帮他们装到包装袋里,带回家和家人分享。

Qingpu Center Birthday Party

On October 25, 2014, Qingpu Youdao Children Centre held a second collective birthday party during the month. It was held for the migrant workers' children, who live close to the Centre and were all born in October. Also, many other children were invited to celebrate it together. Volunteer teachers and students from Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) came along with two big delicious cake. Altogether, 15 children, 3 volunteers as well as two Youdao staff took part in the celebration.
During the first half, Volunteers from SCIS played a card-match game. The children were divided into four groups and each group was given a big card with different pictures. Each time, the volunteer picked one from a pile of small cards, read the name on it, which was the one of an animal, a person, a toy or something else. The children looked through for that on their card, and made a mark once found. The first group to find all the matching names in a horizontal line or a vertical line would be rewarded a prize. So would the first pair to match both lines. In this game, the children got to know something new and learned some English words as well as to be patient and confident. What a great fun they had! Things did not go well with the group who joined late at the very beginning. They could match nothing and got upset. But the teacher encouraged them to be patient and confident, and eventually, they were the first to complete the matching.
Four of the children, Han Yi, Cheng Yuqin, Li Yuqing and Tian Ruidong were born in October. They blew the candles together and made their wishes. All people sang a birthday song for them and offered them best wishes. The volunteers dealt the cake to each one and they all enjoyed it, talking cheerfully.
And we really appreciate all the effort Andrea, the teacher from SCIS has made. She was too busy to be present because of her school schedules, but she bought the cakes personally and arranged everything via emails and SMS. Another teacher, Desiree and the high school students were so enthusiastic that they impressed everyone. Also, their good manners set a good example for the children.