August 2014

Mid-Autumn celebration with the Marriott

On the morning of 23rd August 2014, some staff from the Marriott Hotel-BeiYaowan welcomed the mid autumn with a suitable theme in the children’s activity center. Ten volunteers from the Marriott and three volunteers from the Shanghai University joined with 21 migrant children for an enjoyable time.
Firstly, through the use of a PPT, the teacher gave an introduction to the children about the origin and the customs surrounding the mid-autumn festival. The relating of the legends broadened the children’s knowledge.
The most exciting part of the activity was working in teams to make the ‘rabbit lantern’. Each volunteer supervised two children for about two hours in the difficult task, both physically and mentally. The model first needed to be shaped with the iron wire, and then the model was decorated with paper pasted over it. Every step was full of challenge. The volunteers guided and encouraged the children. In this way, the children and the volunteers drew close to each other through loving labour and persistent team work. When the “rabbit lantern” had been created by the children, a couple of the bigger children spoke with sincerity, ‘ I feel such a great achievement!’
The tea party was especially enjoyable. The children made cakes and the moon cakes had been made by the Marriott itself. They raised their cups, ‘ cheers!’; six children representatives read a poem of thanksgiving.
The children who took part in this activity were 7~14 years old. The activity was sponsored by the Marriott. A special thanks to our volunteers who let us experience the warmth of the mid-autumn festival in advance.





2014 You Dao Summer Camp

From July 7th to the 18th, Youdao held the Youdao Summer Camp at the Beiyaowan and Qingpu Activity Centers.  The children were divided into three groups depending on age and each group had a teacher c