August 2013

A Fun Day at Feng Xian Summer Camp sponsored by SanDisk

On 16th August 2013, seven volunteers from SanDisk came to Bang Bang Tang, Fengxian Kindergarten and spent a joyful afternoon with thirty migrant children who attended the summer camp. With the help of the volunteers, the children made beautiful and creative designs with the super light play dough. The children and the volunteers then played some games and were having fun together. The loosing team was penalised with stickers all over their bodies. Laughter and joy filled the room. After snacks, volunteers gave away toys and presents to the children. Then a group photo was taken before everyone left with a smiling face.





Reading Corner at Bei Yao Wan

A reading corner has been set up especially for the summer at Beiyaowan. About twenty three children ages 6-15 years come on Mondays and Thursdays from 8 am to 10 am. The children come to choose the book that they would like to read, to jot down notes and vocabulary and to do some sharing, followed by arts & craft activities.
Through the process, the sharing session has become very creative and lively and the children have become more confident. Some of them express that through reading, they had learnt new things; through sharing, they felt they have become wiser.
In order to attract more children to join, our teacher Lin has introduced a variety of art works or games such as sand painting and action songs.
Despite the hot weather, the children are active. They are reminded to drink water when they were thirsty and to splash water on their faces when they are hot . They really enjoy themselves and don’t want to go home when the time is up!