May 2013

Beiyaowan celebrates UN Children's Day

In the afternoon of 26th May, You Dao held a Children’s Day event celebrating UN Children’s Day. 82 children aged 3 – 14 years of age attended. There were various events throughout the afternoon. These included six mini sporting events, six types of games, and a dancing competition with prizes. While every child got a prize for attending, there were 18 other awards for craftsmanship that included large and small gold and silver awards. 26 university students from the Shanghai Theatre Academy and Fudan and Shanghai Universities attended. The activity was under the management of the students Blue Ribbon Group with the help of You Dao.

Scholarship family day in Hongxian Kindergarten

On the sunny afternoon of 25th May 2013, Philips sponsored a scholarship family day in Fengxian Hongxian Kindergarten. Seventeen families with thirty one children and nineteen parents were invited. Philips sent ten volunteers to cooperate with two teachers and three You Dao volunteers, together with four staff from You Dao. Indoors the families did creative arts & crafts with the assistance of the volunteers. Meanwhile outdoor activities were taking place in a friendly and competitive way. Winners were awarded with chocolate medals. Snacks were served and every child was sent home with a special gift.




2013年5月25日下午2:00—4:30,在忧道基金会4名工作人员的主持下,奉贤助学金家庭日活动在宏翔幼儿园举行。活动共邀请了17个家庭参加, 有孩子31名,家长19名。

Scholarship Family Day in Fengxian

On 19th May 2013 at Xiao Tong Xing Kindergarten in Fengxian there was a Scholarship Family Day. Fifty people attended including ten scholarship families, five volunteers and four You Dao staff. Indoors there was a paper cutting exercise as an art form while outside games were conducted. The families and the scholarship children had a great day and the five volunteers prepared and gave a gift to each of the children.



Migrant Children Sports Day

On a very warm Sunday afternoon, 12th May 2013, You Dao bussed in 197 migrant children to the Shanghai Rugby Sports Ground. These children were put into teams with people from the corporate world. There were 13 teams involved in revolving through four sports: American football, soccer, rugby and cricket. There was a half hour in each sport with the professional coaches from “Sport For All.” Afterwards the children sat down to dinner in the club house and then returned home in the busses. There was team building, interchange between the corporate people and the migrant children in a demonstration of community development through sport. The kids really enjoyed themselves as they ran around on the green grass, and some very tired but happy corporate players also enjoyed some dinner and refreshments in the Shanghai Rugby clubrooms, at the close of play.


2013年5月12日,在上海橄榄球俱乐部, 13个忧道合作的公司志愿者分别带领197名农民工家庭的孩子组成运动团队。由SFA运动小健将的专业教练们指导进行足球、英式橄榄球、美式橄榄球、板球等运动,每项运动时间为30分钟。活动结束后,志愿者组织小朋友到餐厅吃了丰盛的晚餐,在忧道的员工和老师的带领下回到了学校。

A Birthday Party for Seniors

Philips sponsored an event at the Shanghai No. 3 Senior Community Center with the migrant children of Malu Xingyi Kindergarten. This was arranged by You Dao to celebrate a Birthday Party for the Seniors who were born in the month of May. The students performed three dances with the theme of Mothers Day and the seniors were having a fun time playing games and having quizzes with the students and volunteers. Prizes were awarded to the winners and all the students received a souvenir from Philips.
Philips sent sixteen volunteers to this event and You Dao had arranged for two volunteers from Shanghai University to help out. Twelve seniors, thirty students accompanied by four teachers and a parent attended. The seniors were given flowers and very much enjoyed the birthday cake.




在5月2日, 一群热爱打网球的女仕, 参加了西庭网球俱乐部的女子队赛. 俱乐部除了把球赛部分费用捐出来,还在庆祝午餐举办了一个义卖活动, 参加者非常踊跃竞投.这次队赛活动是第二次筹款. 上次筹款达到三个小孩一年的助学金.

Women’s Champion League

On 2nd May, a group of passionate tennis women of the SRC Women Champion League raised funds to support You Dao Foundation through participating in the league and by auctioning donated items at a lunch gathering. This is the second time that the club has taken the lead in organizing such a meaningful event. Last time, the event raised funds for scholarships for three children who are now doing well in school.

Malu Spring time get- together of Scholarship families

On the morning of 21st April 2013, the Malu family group held its second function at Tian Tian Kindergarten. Nineteen scholarship families including 28 parents and 32 children attended.
Teams were formed for some sports and there were five activities that developed team-work.
The children enjoyed some snacks and Teacher Lin had a meeting with the parents about personal hygiene and also some common-sense instructions about safety in the house with electric appliances and gas.
Eight volunteers including three You Dao staff were involved in the morning’s activities.

Early Education activities for Mother – Child

On the 5th May 2013 eight families – including nine parents and 10 children aged up to three years old -gathered in Beiyaowan. . The focus was on early childhood education and there was a facilitator from the Bei Yi Early Education Centre. In the course of the training about how parents can better relate to their children there were childrens songs, handicrafts, music and various activities.
There were four volunteers from Shanghai University, three from the older group of the migrant children and three You Dao volunteers.