February 2013

A Day at the Bath House

On the morning of 3rd. February 2013 at 8am in the morning, You Dao staff and members of their family – eight people in all - went together to a scholarship family to offer some assistance. The mother has a psychological problem and finds it difficult to take care of herself let alone the family. The staff decided themselves to help the family. This was an official part of their work.

Driver Chen and Teacher Lyn’s husband with the use of two cars took the family of six people to Qing Cun town bath house. There the You Dao associated people helped the children to take a shower. There were changes of clean clothes for the children.

After the shower, the staff and their families took the migrant family to Kentucky Fried Children for lunch. The staff gave each child a red envelope for Chinese Year year.

Teacher Lyn and her husband gave the family some food for snacks and then took them home.

This is the first time that the staff had initiated something on their own behalf for a family.