December 2012

Excited Children view fish big and small

On Saturday 29th December 2012, ten Malu scholarship families went to the Aquarium. The vouchers to enter were a gift from the Singaporean Golf Club via Mary Mak. 15 parents and 15 children together with three You Dao workers used the tickets and enjoyed the spectacle.

They met together outside the Aquarium at Lu Jia Zui about 10:00am and were given some introductory remarks by Teacher Lin.

After visiting the Aquarium some parents took the children around to look at the spectacular buildings in the area such as the Eastern Pearl TV Tower.





Fun and Games for the New Year

In the afternoon of 23rd December 2012 at Beiyaowan Migrant Centre there was a special New Year set of activities for about 130 neighbourhood children and families. Some 36 volunteers from Fudan and Shanghai Universities and You Dao people were present.

The program was in three parts: a) seven traditional and modern games that involved using ones “head” (knowledge) and ones “hands” b) the preparation of a performance by some of the children and c) gifts given to the children.




New Year comes early to Cangchang Elementary School

On 19th December 2012, at Jia Ding’s Ma Lu Cang Chang Elementary School, 1700 students and teachers had a New Year’s celebration. David Boyle a Board member of You Dao Board and four of the You Dao staff were present for the activity that took place inside and outside the school. In the playground there was singing and the welcome for Santa Claus. Inside the students made New Year’s greeting cards for their parents in which they thanked them for their good care of them.

Santa Claus comes to Malu

On the 21st December 2012, Tian Tian Kindergarten in Jia Ding District, Ma Lu town, held a New Year activity sponsored by You Dao. The 600 children in the school were to have gone outside for this activity but because of the cold and the wind they changed the venue to indoors. A representative 10 children from each class - 120 in all - gathered in the large upstairs room. The Chairman of You Dao, You Dao staff members and two volunteers were present. There was dancing and a question and answer session in which small gifts were distributed. Santa Claus then went to each room in the school to give each child a couple of sweets. The children then made a New Year appreciation card for their parents.


2012年12月21日下午,在嘉定区马陆镇天天幼儿园,全校600名师生举行新年联欢活动,忧道董事长、四名工作人员和两名志愿者参加了此次活动。原定全园孩子参加的操场联欢由于天气原因转到二楼舞蹈教室,范围缩小到每班由10个孩子代表,共120名小朋友和老师参加主会场的活动。孩子们唱歌跳舞迎接圣诞老人, 分享新年愿望和糖果。而后, 圣诞老人又来到每个教室,分发糖果并观看孩子们为爸爸妈妈制作的新年贺卡。


2012年12月19日下午,在嘉定区马陆镇民办仓场小学,全校1700 师生参加了新年联欢活动。忧道董事大卫和4名工作人员也参与其中。活动分为户外和室内两个项目,在操场上大家载歌载舞迎接圣诞老人。在教室内同学们亲手制作新年贺卡,准备送给亲爱的爸爸妈妈并感谢他们的养育之恩。

Tong Zhi Meng Kindergarten Scholarship Family Day

On Saturday morning t


12月8日,忧道基金会奉贤助学金家庭日活动在邬桥童之梦幼儿园如期举办。 此次助学金家庭活动日,有12个助学金家庭41人和14个志愿者参加,共60人,活动分为三个个环节,做创意纸杯人物、游戏及茶话会。
在亲子游戏中,来自香港的志愿者们表现出很高的热情,他们与孩子们及其家长一起游戏, 玩的兴高采烈。

Hong Xiang Kindergarten Scholarship Family Day