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Lend Lease repair the Beiyaowan Center in striking fashion

On 27th and 28th May 2015, Lend Lease Project Management & Construction (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. repaired the old buildings of the Beiyaowan Center for You Dao Foundation. They had prepared well for this venture.
At 9am, the workers and volunteers arrived at Beiyaowan. They put on yellow vests and helmets as soon as they arrived and set up the ladders and scaffolding. The roof of the buildings was waterproofed for rain.
At the same time, some other volunteers drew patterns on the walls and then added colours. Some others prepared cement to fill in the cracks in the flowerbeds.
After a whole day working, workers and volunteers were all sweating and had dust all over their bodies, but they were so happy to see the changes in Beiyaowan!
On the 28th May, the work focused on repairing the indoor electric wiring. The volunteers also used their creativity to draw various colorful patterns on the walls to beautify them!
Within two days of repair, the Beiyaowan Center looked stunning! All the old stains were covered with cute and lovely paintings. All the kids love this gift for their Children’s Day. Great thanks to the workers from Lend Lease Company and volunteers for their wonderful efforts and work during the two days.

You Dao Migrant Worker Health Care Training May 2015

On May 31 2015, the second session of Wu Ruoshi Foot Massage Health Training was held. This training session was jointly organized by the You Dao Foundation and the Wu Ruoshi New Foot Health Caring Shanghai Workshop. The first training session was held in January 2015. 15 people from 14 migrant families attended the session .
With the concept “medical fees can be saved as long as one person is able to use foot massage in a family” . Wu Ruoshi Foot Massage Health Training hope can help people learning the foot massage skills well. In order to prevent disease, reduce the medical burden of family and society. Enhance the happiness of families.
This concept is also a big attractive for the migrant families. A lot of families has attended the first session and they came back to consolidate their skills. They treasured this 3-day-training opportunity. some of them put their work down , got up early , came from different corner of Shanghai. spent a long time traveling to get to the training center.
In order to let the students more focus on their learning. They organized 5 volunteer teachers for teaching. More than ten volunteers to support the training by looking after the migrant kids. Youdao’s staff also accompanied. The teachers served the students with their highest passion and carefully. The students learned very hard. They do hope can get the skill and use it as soon as possible.
Many of them felt their symptom such as cold, headache, tooth ache, and other chronic .became lighter after received the massage .
In order to let more migrant families benefit from the foot massage training. Wu Ruoshi Foot Massage Health Training is willing to come YOUDAO’s center to teach.

the Girl Scout Troop from SHSID Celebrate the Children’s Day With Migrant Kids

The children had waited a long time for "6.1" Children's Day and it was finally here. With the support and help from You Dao, the Girl Scout Troop from SHSID Grade 6 arrived at Ai Di Er migrant kindergarten for a day of fun filled activities. The Girl Scouts planned to celebrate the holiday with the migrant children. 10 Girl Scouts and 7 teachers and parents attended this volunteering service.
The Girl Scouts had done a lot of preparation for this activity day. Everyone brought something special. There were two focuses of this activity day:
The first focus was to introduce the migrant children to different musical arts.
The second focus was to introduce the western holiday of Easter to the kids.
Oriana played the Pirates of Caribbean music on the piano. Together she and Olivia taught the kids to sing the English song "Mary has a Little Lamb.”
Connie was a great story teller. She made several cute balloon animals to assist her when telling the stories of Easter and Egg Hunting. The kids were fully immersed in the stories. At the end of the activity, the kids all ran around to participate in a real Easter Egg Hunt. The volunteers brought eggs with candies inside to hide all over the place. Everyone had a great time looking for Eggs and was full of sweets.
Kay and Semmi played a duet between the violin and the cello. They taught the kids how to tell the differences in sound of the two instruments.. At last,.
Barbie played xylophone. She also brought a lot of percussion instruments hidden in boxes for the children to feel and then guess what instrument it was.
Oriana, Melody, and Olivia danced the famous River Dance from Ireland. They taught the kids a simple rhythm by foot and used the new dance moves to play an interactive game. The excellent performance and interactive games ignited enthusiasm among the kids. Everyone was very excited
The activity was a great success. All children had great fun. We greatly appreciate the Girl Scout Troop from SHSID for all of your kindness and support. We also want to thank the kindergarten teachers for their warm cooperation and help.  

a Children’s Day theme talent show was hosted in Qingpu Center

On May 30th 2015, a Children’s Day themed talent show was hosted at the Qingpu Center of Youdao Foundation. After over a month of preparation, the children and parents had a lot of fun!
The show started with happy and healthy aerobics. Look, how energetic everyone is!
The second part was a show performed by students from the Shanghai College of Political Science And Law based on environmental protection. They used tape, post-in notes, and crate paper to design clothes, and show vividly that how to change second-hand goods into beautiful and useful clothes. The show reinforces the children’s awareness of protecting the environment.
The children got excited during the show. Many children who did not prepare performances also wanted to show off their talents and performed five or six excellent impromptu performances. The audience was very impressed by the great potential of children.
Some kids became cute bunnies, some were brave soldiers, some were superstars, and even some were poets. Their confident smiles shined like sunshine!
During the riddle game, the children were very excited and they did a great job competing against one another. Sometimes they shouted the answer out at the same time so the host couldn’t decide who the champion was. All the children obeyed the rules, they experienced the happiness of winning and the regret of losing. The game ended with everyone in great spirits.
The pretty girl who has played zither for 4 years.A cool boy who performed modern dance. Teacher Fang also performed a beautiful dance for the talent show.
After two hours, the show ended with the song “Grateful Heart” by all people.
After the show ended, every child got a gift from the Qingpu Center.
A sincere thank you to all the teachers and volunteers for their contribution to the talent show to provide a stage for the children to perform their talents.
The children also proved that they can do many unique things besides studying in the classroom.

Ingredion Scholarship Family Activity Day at the Dragon Club

On April 26th, with the help of Ingredion, 12 You Dao scholarship students and their families joined in a family activity with the company’s volunteers at the Dragon Club.
The volunteers, teachers, and parents worked together to create event. The children engaged in the activities together with their parents or grandparents or with a volunteer who acted in place of their parents.
The activity day was divided into three events: Little Einstein artists, I am a small artist, and Little Einstiens on the big stage.
The Little Einstein artists activity challenged the children to think creatively, tested their focus, and made them think. One of the teachers said, “Boys and girls, let’s listen and figure out what is making a sound in this box?” The teacher then placed one marble in the box. All of the children paid close attention to the teacher. The teacher then placed two more marbles in the box. Once the children were all focused on the activity the teacher finally revealed that the marbles were actually painting instruments and were creating artwork by rolling around in the box.
The children put on gloves and carefully placed the marbles in paint. They then placed the paint-covered marbles on the white paper in the box and moved it up and down. The children let out cheers of joy and marveled at the abstract artwork they were creating. One boy held up his masterpiece with a confident smile.
The older children were asked to take a surprised picture of themselves in shark’s mouth. They took their scared pictures and wondered how to place it in a shark’s mouth? It seemed like a very challenging task. Some of the children who did not carefully listen to the teacher’s instructions were very confused. Some of the children took too much time to cut out the shark’s teeth. In the end, with the help of the volunteers, the children were able to complete the task and all of them learned a valuable lesson about listening to the instructions.
During the second activity, the children shared with the activity partner all their creative ideas and masterpieces and developed a closer bond.
The final activity, Little Einstein on the big stage, encouraged the children and parents to show off their creative spirit and had the children and parents singing and dancing together on stage. They all completed several games and everyone was laughing and having a good time. As part of a special program of the Dragon Club, the teachers provided a small lesson to help improve parent-child communication. The parents all felt that 30 minutes was not enough time to learn all of the valuable lessons and continued to ask the teacher questions. The event went by very quickly, but was a great success for all of those involved.
We would like to thank Ingredion and all of their volunteers for supporting this great event. We would also like to thank the Dragon Club for their continued support. The event brought a lot of joy to the children and their families.

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