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You Dao Qingpu Center Summer Camp

 A two-week summer camp for migrant worker’s children held at the Youdao Qingpu Center came to a successful conclusion on July 17th.<

Making dumplings to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

On the morning of June 27th 2015, despite a massive rainstorm, five volunteers from LIXIL traveled to the You Dao Foundation Qingpu Center to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with migrant children and their parents.
The five volunteers sat at the same table with parents and 23 children to get to know each other better. In the beginning, Youdao Foundation teachers taught the children to know the history and culture of Dragon Boat Festival with an interesting quiz. Kids were excited about the game and answered the questions with passion. The ice-breaking part of the activity went well.
The teachers and volunteers then showed the children how to make dumpling. With the help of the patient volunteers, the children learned to quickly make dumplings and even hosted a little dumpling making competition. One hour later, everyone was able to make beautiful dumplings.
After making the dumpling, all of the children and volunteers shared dumplings together, tea, and fruit. Afterwards they played an idiom game. Finally, the children at the Qingpu Center danced “Bunny” and “A thankful heart” dance to show their appreciation for the volunteers and the wonderful time they had.
The chairman of Youdao Foundation Mr. Compton also attended the event. In the end the volunteers said that they would support Youdao Foundation more after the event, and they are willing to spend more time with the migrant children in the future.
Special thanks to the big support and love sponsor of LIXIL.

SRC Women's Charity League Lunch

On 11th June, a group of passionate members of Shanghai Racquet Club enjoyed a charity lunch gathering at the club after a fun game of friendly tennis to put a closure to the Women’s Charity League for the season. Fund raised would go to support the scholarship program of You Dao Foundation. A special thanks to the Fusion coaches, Thassha, Agustina and Petra for their dedication to deliver such an opportunity to play tennis for a good cause and stengthen the bonding amongst the players.

Beiyaowan Children’s day activities

Children’s favorite time of the year is here – Children’s Day!To celebrate Children’s Day, Beiyaowan held a celebration on May 30th 2015 in anticipation of the day.
At 2pm Beiyaowan held a talent show for the children. All of the children eagerly gathered at the main blue door of the Beiyaowan center in anticipation of the fun event. After all the children were in the center and seated the activities could finally begin.
Four cute little MCs hosted the event and used their cute voices to announce the different performances. The first performance was the “Turtle and the Hare race.” The children told the story through their performance and the lesson of “modesty and conceit.” The play was full of educational lessons, giving both the children on and off the stage a better understanding of this principle.
The performances later on were also full of surprises, with some kids singing and dancing on stage, some children performing the classic fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” in a brand new style, and even some children showing their own original magic show.
The children liked the game portion of the day the best. They all tried to get involved and competed with great enthusiasm. The first game had the children divided into teams of two and they had to mimic each other’s body movements. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. The second game was the well-known game musical chairs. Everybody had a good time trying to get a seat.
As the talent show was about to come to an end, all of the kids who performed came to the stage one last time. They were all brilliant stars on this small stage.
As the activity came to an end the children eagerly awaited their favorite part of the day, getting presents!
After the talent show was over, the children neatly lined up to go to the small room to receive their gifts. Seeing their happy faces made all of the preparation worth it.
The Beiyaowan activity could never have been possible without the help from our wonderful volunteers. We would like to thank all of the volunteers from Yaohua international school and the Shanghai University Blue Ribbon Love Alliance for their great support in helping us run this great event.

Fengxian Migrant Families Celebrate Children’s Day and Family Time

The majority of Chinese parents work too hard to spend enough time with their children. Migrant families are no different.

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