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International Exchange Students from Shanghai University of Finance Beiyaowan Activity Day

At 2pm on October 17th, as the autumn sunlight lit up the afternoon sky, more than 20 international exchange students from the Shanghai University of Finance traveled to Beiyaowan to host an afternoon of activities for the children.
At 2pm, the activities officially started when the volunteers introduced their names and country of origin to the children. The children were very excited to make friends with people from so many different countries. After the introductions, the volunteers began to get to know the children better.
After introductions, they started by playing the children’s favorite game: musical chairs! The children and volunteers all circled the group of chairs as the music played, but when the music stopped they all rushed to find an empty seat. The last person unable to find an open seat was eliminated. In the end, a young girl from Beiyaowan was crowned champion.
After a short break, the second game started. The second game was more intense than the first game. The game was called step on the balloon and each team member had four balloons strapped to their feet. When the game started a volunteer went around and tried to pop all of the balloons. The teams were divided into girls and boys and each team had to protect its balloons. In the end a boys team won the hotly contested game.
After two intense games, the children were tired and sweating a lot. The group decided to take a break and the volunteers had them all sit in a circle. The volunteers then handed out snacks and milk while the children sang songs. The volunteers then asked the children what they wanted to be when they grew up. One child said, “I want to be an astronaut,” while another student said, “I want to be president!”
After the break, the children all sat at their desks and painted a small painting. After they were done painting they went over their works of art with the volunteers.
After painting, the children played one of their favorite games: the wolf chases the small chicken. The game was fun and exhausting for the children. The children were having such a good time. Eventually the activities had to come to an end and the volunteers began to get ready to say goodbye. Before saying goodbye, the volunteers handed out small gifts to each child. The children gather together and said a big “thank you” to the volunteers. Everyone then posed for photos to remember the great day.

Beiyaowan Mid-Autumn Festival

On the morning of September 26th, 2015, the once a year Beiyaowan Mid-Autumn festival activities were about to begin. Today’s activity was focused on letting the children create their very own moon cakes. As soon as the children heard they were making moon cakes they got really excited. Several children got to Beiyaowan extra early to help volunteers prepare the space and to also draw Mid Autumn festival pictures on the blackboards in the classroom.
At exactly 10am, the event officially started. The children all sat quietly and patiently as they listened to the teachers explain the day’s exciting activities.
Each child had a little box that they could use to store their moon cakes and use to bring home to share the delicious treats with their family. The first thing the children did was to write their name on a piece of paper that went on the box so they knew which one was theirs.
After that, the teachers carefully showed the children how to make a moon cake. The children all attentively watched the teacher’s demonstration for fear of missing an important step in how to make a moon cake.
Once the teacher was done with her demonstration, it was time for the children to start making their own moon cakes! The children could not wait to get started. Through the process, not only did the children learn how to make moon cakes, but they also learned how to help each other. The older children did a great job helping the younger children learn how to make a great moon cake.
Unfortunately the activity had to come to an end. The children had done a great job making their moon cakes and showed off their boxes full of fresh and delicious treats.
Finally, the volunteers gave the children small gifts to go along with their moon cakes. Everyone gathered outside to take a group picture to commemorate the great event. Thanks to Effie, teacher Taozi and all the volunteers for making the event so special!!

The Celebration of Mid-autumn Festival at Youdao’s Qingpu Center

With the Mid-autumn Festival fast approaching, on 18 September 2015 Youdao Foundation hosted an event at its Qingpu center to celebrate the arrival of the important festival. The event attracted more than 30 children and ten parents from the neighborhood. Volunteers - Liu Ping, Yang Qiuqian and her daughter, Tinnie and her daughter, Qian Xiaohong, and Sheng Cuicui - helped to make this event possible. The chairman of Youdao, Mr. Compton and other Youdao board members also participated in the event.
At 5:30pm Mr. Compton gave a short address on behalf of the board to welcome children and their parents. In his address he also expressed his appreciation to the continuous efforts made by the volunteers over these years for supporting Youdao’s Qingpu Center.
For the first event, kids were divided into two groups, with one group making Chinese lanterns (Denglong) and the other group baking biscuits. The children were very overcome with joy. The group making lanterns could barely wait till the end of volunteers’ tutoring before trying their own hand at making lanterns. The other group of kids, under volunteer Qian Xiaohong’s guidance, quickly learned the basic skills of working with pastry. Not before long did the aroma of baked biscuits spread throughout the whole yard. After both groups finished, they changed places to try the other activity.
Shortly after sunset, the evening event moved into its second phase with the traditional celebration of the Mid-autumn Festival: lanterns, riddles, and mooncakes! The kids hung their lanterns out in the yard to enlighten the whole locus. Xia Hui, the coordinator of the Qingpu Center, then taught the children the origins of the Mid-autumn Festival. Then the children solved riddles, while they ate mooncakes and their hand-made biscuits. The board members, staff, volunteers, parents and kids were immersed in the atmosphere of love and joy , experiencing the happiness which exists only in a real family.
Before the event ended, everyone got together and sang the famous Chinese song, ‘Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu’, a song about family love and its culmination during the Mid-autumn Festival.
In love may happiness dwell in the world!

Summer English Activity at You Dao Qing Pu Center

Once a week during July and August, teachers and student volunteers from the British English Consulting Company, organized special English classes for the migrant children located at the You Dao Qing Pu Children’s Center.

Every Wednesday, the BE’s activity coordinator sent a teaching plan for the week to the coordinator for You Dao. They then thoroughly discussed the plan to make sure it was best for the children.
The activities have been held on Saturday or Sunday mornings. BE’s volunteers tried their best to design themes and activities that were suitable for the children and related to their daily life, with such topics as as weather, transportation, food, and occupation.
Since late July, many children have returned to their hometown to either visit family or get ready to go back to school, so therefore fewer migrant children were able to attend the classes Only eight children attended class several times, but the six teacher volunteers who traveled from far away to get to Qingpu never did mind. The teachers worked with their usual high level of enthusiasm, they were happy just as long as they could be with the kids and taught them something useful.
Every class included a painting, color filling, and games. During each lesson the teachers taught the children some new words and then helped the children memorize the words by using the words in interesting games and while creating artwork. During the break, the volunteer teachers took the children to play outside. Some of them played basketball, some skipped rope, and some played badminton. Everyone had a great time.
Once, Frances, the volunteer leader brought the children a birthday cake to celebrate for those kids had their birthday in July. All participants sent their best wishes to the birthday kids and enjoyed the beautiful and tasty cake together. The children were all very surprised and happy.
Mr. Mike, the general manager of Ingredion Company came several times to support the classes as a volunteer; he helped with cleaning up the classrooms and playing with the kids. We thank him greatly for his kindness and thoughtful support.
We would like to specially thank the teachers and students volunteers coming from the British English Consulting Company. We hope that these student volunteers gained a lot of skills and enjoyment from the activities.

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